The Artist is Humbly Present


“The Artist Is Humbly Present” a durational performance by artist Lisa Levy

“Ego and pretense has seriously fucked with the quality of work being made in the art world. I’m also tired of the bullshit trendy art dialogue about how the art world is driven by rich people who want shiny work and don’t care about meaning as well. But mostly, I think it will be weirdly fun to be naked in public.” —Lisa Levy (more…)

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Primetime Emmys 2015

Another fabulous night. Andy Samberg a great host and his viral videos added lots of laughs. Jon Hamm’s well deserved Emmy got a long standing ovation and our new friend Jill Soloway won Best Comedy Director for TransparentJillSoloway (more…)

Creative Arts Emmys 2015

Fabulous night at the Creative Arts Emmys for our Motion & Title Design Peer Group. Mel Brooks introduced the show with Title Design as the first Emmy and lead in for the show. It could not have been better. The winner is the stunning show open Manhattan created by Imaginary Forces. The winner for the first ever Motion Design Emmy is the Peepshow Collective team from London for the show How We Got To Now with Steven Johnson.




The Obliteration Room

Yayoi KusamaThe Obliteration Room” 2002 – Present. One of my favorite interactive art installations of all time.


We designed the logo and titles for this film 7 years ago written and directed by Charlie Levi. Finally, it is being distributed and has a release date. We had seen it at a film festival in Los Angeles and it is stunning! Microsoft Word - childless presskit monterey.docxIt was a thrill to get the key art and the logo looking fabulous!

Childless is opening on May 15 at the Cinema Village , 22 E. 12th St., NY, and running through the 21st.

going underground

Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava NYC downtown transit center.

photo by Dorothy Handelman

Forget about the massive sculpture called a “lamp of hope” that looks like a bird’s wings but the really breathtaking part of the new NYC Downtown Transit Center by Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava is the underground walkway that is like taking a stroll through heaven. White marble galore and gorgeous lighting and architecture make the underground feel as luminescent and airy.  A spectacular delight for commuters.


15668508483_095ef6330a_bSteven Salzman’s painting on the invitation. A must see group show that is captures the essence of light and sensitivity.

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MIRROR TWINS and homage to Joan Rivers

twins_quote_smWe met a photographer posing as a stewardess named Linda Kramer on a Southwest Flight from LA to SF in May. She approached us on the plane and wanted to take a photo. Two weeks later for our next trip to SF as guest presenters, holding a TWIN IN for the graduating class at The Academy of Art University, we arranged for Linda to tag along and photograph us in our hotel room. (more…)

Joan Rivers homage

In honor of Joan Rivers passing I am updating my earlier post upon meeting Joan at Lenny’s Deli in Pacific Palisades in 2011. Here’s to Joan RIP.  delight!!! Ever since last year when I was fortunate to catch the Joan Rivers documentary “Piece of Work” I am a huge fan. Tonight I met Joan during a taping of her WEtv show. Joan did not let me down she was warm, gracious and dazzling in gold

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Lynda took this amazing photo of me wearing my Cloe dress.  TRUE DETECTIVE won for our category Title Design making our friends at Elastic Patrick Claire and Jennifer Sofio Hall very happy.EK_CA_Emmys2014_small


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