15668508483_095ef6330a_bSteven Salzman’s painting on the invitation. A must see group show that is captures the essence of light and sensitivity.

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MIRROR TWINS and homage to Joan Rivers

twins_quote_smWe met a photographer posing as a stewardess named Linda Kramer on a Southwest Flight from LA to SF in May. She approached us on the plane and wanted to take a photo. Two weeks later for our next trip to SF as guest presenters, holding a TWIN IN for the graduating class at The Academy of Art University, we arranged for Linda to tag along and photograph us in our hotel room. (more…)

Joan Rivers homage

In honor of Joan Rivers passing I am updating my earlier post upon meeting Joan at Lenny’s Deli in Pacific Palisades in 2011. Here’s to Joan RIP.  delight!!! Ever since last year when I was fortunate to catch the Joan Rivers documentary “Piece of Work” I am a huge fan. Tonight I met Joan during a taping of her WEtv show. Joan did not let me down she was warm, gracious and dazzling in gold

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Lynda took this amazing photo of me wearing my Cloe dress.  TRUE DETECTIVE won for our category Title Design making our friends at Elastic Patrick Claire and Jennifer Sofio Hall very happy.EK_CA_Emmys2014_small


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Happy Valentines Day from Steven Salzman

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As you know TWINART loves dots. The dot as a graphic element appears in our artwork, design and style forever.  Dots are fresh and happy, never tired or overused. After Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kusama and W Magazine have popped the dot. Dots will always bring joy and power to an image. (more…)


Last week, TWINART declared MIRRORS a trend at ART BASEL MIAMI. You could not turn around without seeing yourself reflected in a piece of art. We are MIRROR TWINS  and therefore have an attraction to the power of duplicate image a part of our genetic makeup. MORE MORE MORE MORE by Doug Aiken by far set the tone.


Rob Pruitt’s World of Faces

Dayglo color field paintings with cartoon faces fill the space at the De La Cruz Collection. A tire filled with panda’s add as sculpture to the wacky doodles.



At my 13 months at NUVOtv, I had the opportunity to work with the funny and fabulous Anjelah Johnson.

Check out her new Bon Qui Qui music video No Boyfren.

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks


Valentine Homage

Happy Valentines Day. Here’s a look at the Italian modern classic Olivetti Valentine typewriter designed by Ettore Sottsass with a “double shot of love” message from TWINART. (more…)

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